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Owning or starting a business can be stressful.With our guidance it doesn’t have to be. Business owners can have the reassurance that their business is protected. Whether it is forming a new business, modifying an existing business, or resolving an ongoing dispute- no matter the complexity, our attorneys are here to help. Deciding to start a business is incredibly stressful–picking an attorney in New York City and Long Island doesn’t have to be. Given that we offer free initial consultations, you can determine if we’re the right fit for you.

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The creation and management of a corporation entails intricate processes and complex business concepts. One must be knowledgeable in business transaction laws to avoid potential and future litigation issues. At SBAGK LLP, we analyze each particular business proposal with great care with the aim of establishing your business in the easiest, quickest way possible. Our team of experts carefully considers each case with the various legal rules that affect planning, negotiating and document drafting in connection with business formation in mind.

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Putting up a business venture, making profit is the main concern. Since business is a continuous, systematic and complex activity, parties must have knowledge on certain substantive and procedural processes to have a smooth business relationship. Some things to consider are acquisitions, consolidation, and shares and asset purchase agreements.

In a perfect world, a good business person would be able to handle all the legal facets of running their business without having to worry about potential issues that could arise at any given moment. Unfortunately, business laws have become so complex nowadays, that almost every business owner will have to consult a lawyer sooner or later to ensure the continued success of their enterprise without having to face any legal trouble. As business disputes among parties are inevitable, disputes and disagreements may often end in up court. In choosing SBAGK, you’re choosing a secure future for your business and your peace of mind.

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