Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation encompasses any dispute that could come about in a business context. Commercial litigation includes breach of contract, partnership disputes, class actions, and shareholder issues. Whether it’s a breach of contract, shareholder issue, or joint venture dispute, our firm has years of intense experience litigating these complex matters. Our attorneys understand that we have a responsibility to deliver the best possible result in the most cost-effective way.

What does commercial litigation entail?

Our Queens-based firm has over 25 years worth of experience when it comes to commercial litigation proceedings such as:

  • Bad Faith
  • Breach of Contract
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Business Torts
  • Class Actions
  • Debtor/Creditor
  • Employment and Labor
  • Fraud and Misrepresentation
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Intellectual Property and Patent Infringement
  • LLC Member Disputes
  • Partnership Disputes
  • Real Estate, Land Use and Environmental Litigation
  • Restrictive Covenant
  • Shareholder Disputes and Derivative Actions
  • Trade Secret and Unfair Competition

Commercial Litigation Remedies

Arbitration and mediation are frequently employed to resolve disputes outside of the court; clauses compelling disputing parties to partake in the former are now often written into commercial contracts. Arbitration is a private process where disputing parties agree that one or several individuals can make a decision about the dispute after receiving evidence and hearing arguments. Compared to traditional trials, arbitration can usually be completed more quickly and is less formal.. Arbitration has become increasingly popular over the years for several reasons such as it being the cheaper alternative with provides more control and privacy to both parties involved. At Shriyak, Bowman, Anderson, Gill & Kadochnikov attorneys are uniquely qualified to handle arbitration matter that comes into our office.

Common Disputes

There are 4 common disputes made in Employment Law matters:

  1. Wrongful Termination Allegations
  2. Wage Disputes, Discrimination
  3. Harassment Claims
  4. Severance Agreements.

Companies often embark on litigation in resolving employment disputes because management does not properly understand the consequence of such litigation and the psychological effect it may have on the business at hand. An employer can be held liable if supervisors harass workers even if the employee does not report harassment and suffers no tangible loss. The use of mediation is one way that a company’s efforts to address these complaints will be considered reasonable. Any settlement and its terms are entirely subject to the parties’ agreement and the entire process is generally confidential. In Shriyak, Bowman, Anderson, Gill & Kadochnikov LLP, you will find a team of attorneys dedicated to offering cost effective options to resolve employment matters of every type and size. Our team works actively to augment their deep subject matter expertise and comprehensive knowledge of federal and state case law and statutes to best represent your interests in any litigation matter.

We are here to help

Political administrations change, laws change, rules and regulations change, court appointments change, the economy changes, and the business landscape changes. The commercial litigation environment is no exception. Several areas of business litigation are poised for change, or have already changed. Our dedication to our clients, however, is unchanged as our firm makes sure to keep up to date with all policies when they change so that we can represent your interests in accordance with the most recent business standards.

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