Estate Planning & Administration

Every client’s estate is unique in its assets composition, family dynamics and future needs, but all are ruled by the same principles and are subject to the same tax and legal limitations. Deciding to start planning for the future of an estate is a complex and deeply personal decision, and an attorney who will act as a knowledgeable guide throughout the process is essential to not only ensuring your estate goes where you intend it to, but also giving you peace of mind. More than 120 million Americans don’t have an estate plan, leaving the care of their personal assets to the State upon their death.

Our approach

Our goal is to protect our clients’ assets and wishes by establishing a clearly outlined plan that leaves no detail behind. With the guidance of our experienced team of attorneys, our clients find comfort in knowing that their plan will be executed correctly, and not at the strain of their loved ones.

Our approach is a two-step process: we first analyze the needs and goals of our clients and then assist them in selecting legally enforceable methods to retain, administer and transfer both their wealth and values.

Among the estate planning practice’s areas of expertise are:

  • Wealth transfer planning, including a wide variety of trusts, wills, family business issues and disposition of property.
  • Planning for business ownership, succession and transfer, including: choice of entity, buy-sell agreements, stock bonus and option agreements and tax-free distributions.
  • Personal finance and family needs, including: Powers of Attorney, medical directives, prenuptial/postnuptial agreements, divorce, post-judgment and custody and asset protection planning.
  • Estate and trust administration, including: post-mortem tax advice to fiduciaries and beneficiaries; and planning for tax-savings elections, credits and disclaimers.
  • Tax compliance, including: federal estate and state death tax returns; individual, trust and estate income tax returns; tax returns for families, closely-held businesses and tax-exempt organizations; and government audits and investigations.

Who is Estate Planning for?

We believe estate planning is for everyone. Though thinking about what will happen after you pass away is not a pleasant experience, it is a necessary one to ensure that your loved ones will be taken care of according to your wishes. Creating your Will, Power of Attorney and Healthcare Power of Attorney or Living Will can be a quick and easy process that will provide reassurance to you during your life and comfort to your family and friends after you are gone. At Shiryak, Bowman, Anderson, Gill & Kadochnikov LLP, we focus on four main objectives:

  • We make sure that your assets reach the individuals or organizations in the manner you choose.
  • We work to minimize the effect of federal and state taxes on the estate and beneficiaries.
  • We counsel you regarding the selection of those who will act on your behalf.
  • We work to minimize ongoing administrative costs.

What to expect

Your estate planning that will ensure the assets you have accumulated over your lifetime are passed on according to your wishes. We also understand that, beyond the technical aspects of an estate plan, there is a need to personalize the plan to meet the needs of you and your heirs. Through proactive planning, we can help our clients avoid the complications of probate entirely; as assets require distribution, we can provide guidance at every step. That is why we also provide succession planning and post-mortem planning to take advantage of tax ramifications and achieve family goals. Effective estate planning can eliminate uncertainties for individuals, families and nonprofit organizations and at SBAGK, we work to ensure that your estate is effectively taken care of in your absence so that you and your family can have some peace of mind.

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