When someone faces a legal problem, they have the right to choose an attorney who they believe will best represent them. Many New Yorkers contact the team at SBAGK for assistance with a variety of legal matters. The attorneys have spent years garnering invaluable experience both in and out of the courtroom and understand how to construct clear and compelling legal arguments on behalf of their clients. 

Recently, SBAGK Associate Matthew Routh handled a case where SBAGK’s adversary failed to name the executor of an estate in a foreclosure proceeding, despite the fact that surrogate court had been ongoing for a year prior to the foreclosure action commencing. Mr. Routh immediately moved to dismiss, arguing that the bank had no reasonable excuse for failing to name the estate and that this failure was so prejudicial it should result in dismissal of the action. The court agreed, dismissing the foreclosure action for failing to name the executor of the estate. Read the full decision here.

Mr. Routh has been an Associate at SBAGK since 2017, working on a variety of complex issues spanning housing and real estate, family law and divorce, bankruptcy, and appellate litigation. Mr. Routh was also a Jerome N. Frank Legal Fellow at Yale Law School, and his paper, “Re-Thinking Liberty: Cannabis Prohibition & Substantive Due Process,” was published in the Kansas Journal of Law and Public Policy. A skilled writer, Mr. Routh assists in writing many of the documents SBAGK submits to court, including the motion in this case. 

Associate Matthew Routh

“Many of our clients are understandably intimidated or even scared when dealing with banks regarding their property. However, that’s where we come in. We’re not intimidated,” said Mr. Routh, who also credits the collaborative nature of the different attorneys within their respective fields at SBAGK. “Sometimes a case I’m working on gets interwoven with other fields that I don’t practice in. Being able to work so effortlessly, for example, with Ms. Gill in resolving a foreclosure matter that also involves surrogate court issues makes my life easier, and produces better results for our clients.”

Mr. Routh and the rest of the SBAGK team are prepared to assist with a wide variety of legal matters. Consultations are always free and SBAGK works nonstop to make sure they do everything they can to support their clients, from the first phone call to the final result.