Thanks to Partner Alexander Shiryak, head of SBAGK’s real estate transactions department, SBAGK has been certified by Secure Insight, an independent evaluation and risk management firm dedicated to protecting consumers and lenders. In order to be awarded certification, an attorney must submit a detailed list of credentials and participate in a comprehensive vetting process. Real estate professionals who are verified by Secure Insight are trustworthy and fiercely committed to excellence, making them leading members of the mortgage industry.

“It’s a great honor to receive this accreditation. It’s a true testament to the hard work and integrity we bring to real estate and lending transactions. The real estate market in New York is still hot, so we look forward to all the opportunities Secure Insight brings, with both lenders and homeowners,” said Mr. Shiryak. 

The Certification comes on the heels of Shiryak being named “Real Estate Attorney of the year” by Mortgage Depot

“I want to personally thank Steve Kaziyev and the team at Mortgage Depot and giving me this award,” said Shiryak. “Mortgage Depot is an amazing service and massive player in the lending industry. Receiving an award from this company means a lot and I look forward to working with them for years to come.”

SBAGK is committed to guiding clients through the closing process every step of the way. When selling or purchasing real estate, it is vital to have the support and expertise of an experienced attorney. Our attorneys monitor the evolution of modern real estate litigation and transactions in order to provide exceptional advice to clients.